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MICR Çek Okuyucu & Ayırıcı - FZA-3166/3186

MICR Çek Okuyucu Ayırıcı 


The cheque clearing process
is elaborate, lengthy and
requires strict accuracy
starting from correct reading
of MICR fields, encoding
cheques, endorsing
processed documents,
scanning and document
sorting to name a few.


The correct piece of
technology is essential to
handle the process with
highest efficiency and
precision in order to ensure
the security of transactions.

The FZA-3166 is a multi-function cheque processing machine
with a capability as an “all-round” cheque processor.
FZA-3166 has the ability to read 500
cheques with a scanning speed of 280
documents per minute and equipped
with built-in endorser for validating
the processed documents. It organises
cheques based on any MICR fields
(serial number field, amount field, etc.)
and scans cheques in bi-tonal (black
and white), greyscale or colour image

FZA-3166 is also a capable MICR
encoder. Using impact technology,
it produces high security MICR
documents. The impact technology
delivers high quality documents, as
MICR ribbons are letter-pressed into the

MICR characters adhere firmer to
the cheque paper, making it harder
to remove unlike laser technology’s
thermal heat that peels o easily. This
makes impact-printed cheques more
resistant to cheque-kitting that often
results in cheque frauds.

Integrating the FZA-3166 with
SmartInward™ is very easy. The
SmartInward™ is an application that
provides nancial institution with
in-house solution for inward cheque

The solution accommodates
all cheque verification, imaging and
sorting in one streamlined workflow. It
capable of eliminating redundant works
and gives better safety assurance of the
processed documents.

The combination of the FZA-
3166 and SmartInward™ will
assist financial institutions in
assessing inbound cheques.

MICR Cheque Reader Encoder - FZA-3166/3186 Technical Specifications

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