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High Speed ​​Scanners - Image Value 20, Scanner Solutions for Industrial

About Us

In 2001, a graduate of Istanbul University Information and Records Management Our company was founded by Mustafa Kaya; Since its inception archival sector has contributed significantly to the formation and development.

Each agency and organization structure developed specifically archives reveal differences in regulatory systems in the industry, our company; KADOSAN (Institution Archives Correct Filing System) and developed for the archives of technical departments of the municipalities TADOS (Technical Archives Correct Filing System) is proudly the first to sign.

Document and knowledge management in all the problems that might be encountered in connection with the institution offering customized solutions to our company; Archive software, the physical archive editing, digital archiving, document scanning, inventory extraction, file classification plans and regulations, preparing papyrus library automation, library and all related technical services and archive library supplies supply provides.

In 2014 by signing a distribution agreement with the Primagest Inc. company, our company entered; Image Value 20 of industrial scanner will provide Turkey and the European market.



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No:3/A Kadıköy


Phone: +90 216 386 4652